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Why should I write tests?

Why? Why..? Why....?? This is an easy one. Because we do not want to ship our code to production without testing it. But why? Really? Why really? I mean, I could just run my code and test(it is a faster way to do it for me). I could just ctrl+f5 the page and test my code. Why should I put in the efforts and time to write those tests? (Change-My-Mind.png) Yes, It is really important to know why should I write the tests before I start writing important tests. Otherwise, it'd feel more of a burden than the right cause. It's all cool if it is some static content change and you and your peers have verified it. You could just compare the text given for task with the updated on the page. Tests can't catch grammar mistakes. 🙂 Let's say for an example: " Jessie "(who is part of the team Rocket ) added username, password, and age fields for the sign-up form. " Jessie " went to the page and tested that the fields are visible,